Why I love Summer

Summer gives me great energy, and I love every single thing about it. Blue skies and warm weather give me glee, and I feel free to play and relax all summer.


Something about bright sunshine gives me happy vibes, and I feel the sun's energy on my warm skin, providing me nutritions and vibrant enthusiasm. The blue skies make me smile, because of all the vibrant colors I see around me, along with greenery. The yellow, blue, and green colors simultaneously give me ecstasy.

Relaxing and not thinking about anything

Summer relaxes me, and I love it because I don't have to think about school work, or stress until 1 AM to finish homework anymore.


I love playing outside during summer, especially on vacation, on beaches. Sandy feet, waves splashing, sun shining, everything seems perfect when I just swim and relax in the sun.


Summer clothes have no limit to what you wear, you can wear a sleeveless shirt outside and you wouldn't be chilly at all. I love how summer accessories are various, like shoes or hats.


Popsicles, slushies, and I love anything sweet. So, summer is the perfect match for me.